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Fingerprint Identification Door Lock

Fingerprint Identification Door Lock
Fingerprint Identification Door Lock:

We are pleased to get in touch with you at this opportunity. We offer you the most
Convenient and the safest life through your fingerprint which is the only one
In the world.
The features of DAD-2000F
-Combination of Fingerprint &Password.
You can register up to 50 fingerpints &1 passwords and enter by using a password of 3 to 12 digits when your fingerprint is injured or the sensor is damaged.
-Users Identification Function.
It's convenient to manage registration and deletion of fingerprint &password by giving each user a separated ID.
-System Suspension Function
The door lock system can't be operated for 30 seconds when identification is refused 5 times.
-System Reset Function.
-Self-Checking Function.
It indicates the condition of the door lock system by a status display window or sound.
-Protection Function of Circuit
Using water-proof coating and insulated parts protect a circuit board from static electricity and moisture caused by temperature change.
-Warning Function against Forced Trepass
-Voice Volume Control &Mute Mode.
-Notification Function of Battery Change.
-Voice Information Function.
-Dual Locking Function.
-Auto Locking Function.
-Built-in Light Function.
-Function of Emergency Power Supply.
-Function to Limit Registration &Deletion.
Only registered users can register an additional user and delete a registered user under this function.
-Tracking Function.
This function can display the last 20 users of a door by using their individual ID.
-Master Function(Option)
Only 5 master can register and delete any user's ID.
Specification of DAD-500F
- Power: DC 6V (Alkaline AABattery 4EA or 8EA)
- Temperature: -20~80
- Humidity:10~80%
- Duration (Battery): Average 5,000 or 10,000 access (The battery duration is about 8 or 16 months. )
- Material of body:
- Outside body: Zinc Alloy
- Inside body: Aluminum Alloy
- Sensor: Hybrid Semi-Conductor Sensor
- Template Capacity:51templates (including password)
- FAR:0.0001%
- FRR:0.001%
- Recognition speed: Within 1 sec
- Weight: Outside body (640g)/Inside body (700g)
- Size:
- Outside body:84mm(W) x 126mm(L) x 30mm(D)
- Inside body:90mm(W) x 154mm(L) x 43.5mm(D)

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