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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Apartment, Villas << Screen Aluminum Lath Ceiling

Screen Aluminum Lath Ceiling

Screen Aluminum Lath Ceiling
Screen Aluminum Lath Ceiling:

Short summary:
Made form high-grade aluminum alloy plate, the screen suspended ceiling feature overall transparency, nice and exuberant color; fits for plaza, metro and exhibition hall, etc.
Detailed product descriptions:
1) Standard size (height x length): (100mm, 150mm, 200mm) x (3m, 4m)
2) Surface treatment: spray coated
3) Normal color: 12 different colors available (usually milky white)
4) Non-standard sizes and special colors available according to customers' requests
5) Applications: fits for plaza, metro, exhibition hall, hotels, restaurants, shops,
stations, etc.
1) Easy in installation, neat in arrangement, reasonable in placement.
2) Environmental protection neutral oil cleaning technology: guarantees the quality of
later spray coating for stronger powder adhesion without blistering or coming off
3) Environment-friendly
4) Fireproof
5) High quality powder coating: usually polyester powder is used to obtain good
durability, lasting color, smooth surface UV resistance and pollution resistance
6) US Nuoxin 360&eg; circling spray coating technology: complete atomization
ensuring surface evenness and smoothness without blistering or color difference

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