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Wooded Flooring

Wooded Flooring
Wooded Flooring:

~ woods offered:
American cherry 90-150 year old growth
Brazilian cherry 90-150 year old growth
Ipe 10-50 year old growth
Sugar maple 50-75 year old growth
Red oak 60-100 year old growth
White oak 60-100 year old growth
Walnut 75-100 year old growth
~ year old growth - the number of years old the trees were when they were cut.
~ cherry wood today is almost all new growth trees (20 years or younger).
~ sugar maple is the hardest of the three maple trees (tiger, curley, sugar). Sugar maple, in general, is no longer available on the open market.
~ all woods except ipe are recycled beam wood. Beam wood means that the wood was used for construction projects prior to processing for hardwood flooring. None of the wood was prior flooring.
~ wood grading is select or better
Select and better
#1 common---
#2 common---
Builder grade
~ wood sizes can be cut in the following widths:
2 1/4 most popular installed today
3 1/4 most popular for dramatic look and ease of installing
Wood flooring is tongue and grooved and end matched.
Moisture content is an amazing 6% or below!
Can install below grade with 3/4 inch plywood underneath
New woods are arriving daily, the new list will be out soon!!!

If this offer has interested you, please, fill the form of inquiry and you receive the answer in ASAP.

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