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From Gunel PVC series
Perfect technical features under aesthetic appearance of oval borders.
Preferential Trible Glazing (4+9+4+9+4) or Double Glazing (4+12+4) design choises
Preventation increasing the resistance with its wind stopper oval lines.
The width of 60 mm, four chambers structure, profile thickness of 3 mm and inclined water discharging channels of 6 mm width , water collecting house of 9 mm
Static structure against a weight of 130 kgs
1 degree inclined surface
Wide wall distances for maximum insulation
Borders with built-in seals, border covering part
Single type support plate, single type seals, single type catch border Easiness of assembling to high catches in the Frame Profile, thick uninterrupted walls for hinge screw, hinge support plate
Smooth surface in glass wedge, screw holder catches.
Leave mounting margin of 8 mm, 20 mm glass place, locking axis of 13
Screw centering line
An essential choice

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