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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Building Ceramic << Rock Wool Lamella For Sandwich Panel

Rock Wool Lamella For Sandwich Panel

Rock Wool Lamella For Sandwich Panel
Rock Wool Lamella For Sandwich Panel:

Density 100-200kg/m 3
Thickness 50mm, 80mm, 100mm
Length 1000-1220mm
Width 50mm, 80mm, 100mm
Other/special size, density and thickness on request
Lamellas are manufactured from compression boards, which are to be cut into special structures. Therefore, they can provide high compressive strength and excellent fire-resistance effects.
Lamellas as flute filling, combining with galvanized steel decks are specially developed for external roofs and walls, which require a high fire-resistance performance, these type products with other chemical adhesives and mechanical fixing technique can also make an important contribution to a safe and high quality exterior wall with a constantly high thermal insulation and acoustic control.
Note: 1. Thermal conductivity (metal deck): 0.040W/mk
2. Sound absorption: lamellas open structure provides extremely good acoustic absorption/insulation performance.
3. Compressive strength: 5% compression > 25kpa 10% compression > 40kpa
4. Fire resistance: no-combustible when tested to ASTM E-136
5. Moisture resistance: waterproof and have good vapor pressure release capacity to the roof construction
6. Chemical properties and biological properties: mineral wool is neutral (PH7) or slightly alkaline and meet the requirement of standard ASTM C 795, JIS A 9504. It will not normally support the growth of molds, fungi and bacteria.
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