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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Building Ceramic << Automatic Public Toilet Super Nova

Automatic Public Toilet Super Nova

Automatic Public Toilet Super Nova
Automatic Public Toilet Super Nova:

Intelligent Public Restroom
A model of Intelligent Public Restroom.
The cover in the shape of a watermelon, including two modules with two entrances placed symmetrically
Intelligent Public Restroom
1. Automatically flush
2. Automatically deodorize and provide fresh air
3. Automatically open door and close the lid of shower bidet
4. Automatically wipe the floor
5. Automatically clean and dry the shower bidet seat
6. Automatically save water
7. Automatically provide water
8. Automatically wash and dry for who defecates
9. Automatically toilet paper provide
10. Automatically charge in coin
11. Automatically warning
12. Music &radio entertainment system
13. Outside observation through camera system
14. Greeting and remind of automatically usage system
Being designed with different size and model, the two series GR(Green City) and GT(Green Toilet) will be standard modern public restroom models with high automatic level firstly introduced in Vietnam and universally.
GC and GT are completely possible to adapt to many suitable surroundings such as in cities, centers, hospitals, schools, parks and main roads... They can replace the current public restrooms, contribute to upgrade the look of the city, create civilization of Tourism and protect the Green- Clean- Beautiful environment of the cities and modern urban areas.

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