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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Building Ceramic << Heating Towel Rack

Heating Towel Rack

Heating Towel Rack
Heating Towel Rack:

1) Sizes:
a) 700 x 450mm
b) 700 x 500mm
c) 700 x 550mm
d) 700 x 600mm
2) Materials:
a) Steel tube (low-carbon steel): welded tube
b) 20/22/25mm diameter "O" shaped horizontal crossbars
thickness: 1.2mm
c) 40mm x 30mm "D" shaped vertical tubes
thickness: 1.5mm
3) Plating: copper + nickel + chrome (European standard)
4) Pressure: 15 Bar
5) Welding: brass
6) Supplied wall brackets, blanking plug and air vent plug
Inner packing:
Standard package
Outer packing:

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