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Terra Cotta Clay Tiles &Pavers

Terra Cotta Clay Tiles &Pavers
Terra Cotta Clay Tiles &Pavers:

We are able to supply you 100% handmade terra cotta clay tiles &pavers for floor &pavement from bangladesh as per your requirements. Our tiles are frost resistant.
Tiles are made of clay (terra cotta) by hands, they are baked in wood ovens, temperature goes from 930 to 1030 c. Ovens are big and circular, diameter of mt 3,5 and height mt 1,8 (approximate sizes). Capacity of oven is from 3000 to 8000 pieces. Available sizes of tiles are as follows but we are able to make any sizes of terra cotta clay tiles &pavers as per your design/sizes and requirements:
Sizes of our tiles/pavers:
- 10x 10x 1.0cm
- 10x 10x 2.0cm
- 12x 24x 2.0cm
- 12x 24x 2.5cm
- 12x 24x 3.0cm
- 12x 24x 3.5cm
- 15x 30x 2.0cm
- 15x 30x 2.5cm
- 15x 30x 3.0cm
- 16x 48x 3.0cm
- 20x 20x 4.5cm
- 23x 23x 2.0cm
- 23x 23x 2.5cm
- 24x 24x 2.0cm
- 24x 24x 2.5cm
- 24x 24x 3.0cm
- 24x 24x 4.5cm
- 30x 30x 2.0cm
- 30x 30x 2.5cm
- 30x 30x 3.0cm
- 30x 30x 4.5cm
- 35x 35x 3.0cm
- 35x 35x 3.5cm
- 35x 35x 4.0cm
- 35x 35x 4.5cm
- 40x 40x 3.0cm
- 40x 40x 3.5cm
- 40x 40x 4.0cm
- 50x 50x 3.0cm
- 50x 50x 3.5cm
- 50x 50x 4.0cm
Beside the above we are also able to supply you terra cotta tiles in step, corner, skirting, octagon, hexagon, triangle, round etc in any sizes you requested.
Prices: Our prices euro 5.00 per m 2 fob mongla port for any of the above sizes. We are also able to
Supply you on c& basis. For c& price please advise us the name of your country and the
Nearest seaport.
Payment:100% by cilc from any first class bank.
Delivery: Within 90 days on receipt of l/c.
Please find some photos in the attachment.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our rates are always negotiable depends on order/quantity.

If this offer has interested you, please, fill the form of inquiry and you receive the answer in ASAP.

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