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Medium Temperature Insulating Firebrick

Medium Temperature Insulating Firebrick:

TJM brick is another range of insulating firebricks manufactured by Thermal Ceramics Group. The medium temperature TJM bricks are with limiting using temperatures ranging from 1,200 to 1,350⪚ C. TJM insulating firebricks are made from high-purity refractory clays, with a carefully graded organic filler, which burns out during manufacturing to give a uniform and controlled pore structure. Each brick is machined to precise tolerances on all faces. A range of mortars to suit different grades of bricks are also available.
1) Low thermal conductivity
2) Gives good thermal insulation and enables the use of
thin-walled constructions
3) Low heat storage
4) Due to their light weight, coupled with low thermal conductivity,
the TJM bricks absorb the minimal heat and give significant energy
savings in cyclical operated kilns
5) The low iron and alkali flux content confers good refractoriness
and high alumina content contributes to their stability in reducing
6) High cold crushing strength, yet low thermal conductivity properties
7) Accurate dimensions enable the bricks to be laid more efficiently,
with thin and uniform joints, allowing the construction of strong
and stable structures
8) Large bricks or slabs are available in customized large sizes. They
can be machined into special shapes, incurring fewer sections and joints
9) Applications: backup insulation and hot face lining

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