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Centrifugal Fiber Glass Wool

Centrifugal Fiber Glass Wool
Centrifugal Fiber Glass Wool:

Spb is established in 1981, is a large state-owned plant which produces centrifugal fiberglass wool products in china, since importing the whole production line of centrifugal fiberglass wool from japan in 1987, she became the first one producing centrifugal fiberglass wool in china, in 2004, spb introduced a whole line from usa, which make the quality of spb products in the leading position in china.
Spb is the first one in china, and the second one globally to have the capability for formaldehyde-free glass wool manufacture.
Products type
A). Formaldehyde-free fiberglass wool
Used in all the area where traditional glass wool used, besides,
Since formaldehyde-free, non-odor, the products can specially be used in the area where high-friendly environment is required.
Such as:
Heavy populated places (schools, supermarket, offices, gymnasiums, cinemas, workshops.
High-friendly environment area (hospitals, laboratories, houses, automobiles, trains, studios)
B). Fiberglass wool used in metal building
This product is made from long and thin glass fibers, and has excellent properties of thermal insulation and noise reduction, its facing is covered in production line directly, which make the quality better.
C). Fiberglass wool for high temperature
Added with a special high temperature binder, such product can be used at higher temperature.
D). Excellent fiberglass wool products
E). Loose cotton
Main products range
Density 10-32kg/m 3
Thickness 25-100mm
Length 5500/11000mm
Width 600/900/1200/1800mm
Board (slab):
Density 24-96kg/m 3
Thickness 15-75mm
Length 1200mm
Width 600mm
Pipe section
Density 45-90kg/m 3
Thickness 20-50mm
Length 1000mm
Inner diameter 22-319mm
With/without aluminum foil, wire mesh, black veil, can adopt vacuumed packing.
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