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Carbon Fiber Heat Insulation Roof Tile

Carbon Fiber Heat Insulation Roof Tile
Carbon Fiber Heat Insulation Roof Tile:

The 3-level multiple foam UPVC tile is a new kind of building material that
is made from high polymer in the surface level and carbon fibers in the core
It is cheaper than the other building material (the price is about 1/3 of aluminum board) and also has more advanced functions. The distinguished features of the board compared with the traditional materials:
1) It is more durable and has the function of heat insulation than ordinary materials
by adding chemical anti-aging additive
2) It has the function of sound insulation and lighter than ordinary materials by
the reason of the foam structure
3) It is convenient for fixing by the characteristics of the board, which is suitable
for cutting, nailing, and drilling, saving your building material
4) It has the distinguished advantages of acid-proof, alkali-proof, erode-proof,
the service life will last more than 20 years in the semitropical area
5) It is stronger and tougher than traditional material by the special processing
techniques of bi-directional vertical pulling to add the cohesion of the molecule
The board is widely used in the workshop and storehouse in China. It is the
best choice of building material and must have great market demand in the
future of overseas market.

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