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Foam Glass And Cellular Glass Series

Foam Glass And Cellular Glass Series
Foam Glass And Cellular Glass Series:

Foam glass, nontoxic, has stable chemical properties and good heat insulating performance protecting from deteriorating at a wide temperature range from ultra-low temperature to high temperature, It can protect from humidity, fire and erosion. It is praised as permanent heat insulating material with no need of renew because it is safe and durable in rigor condition of low and cryogenic temperature, underground, open air, flammability, moisture sensitivity and even chemical erosion. Consequently, it is applied widely
As below
1. Chemical Industry: Reaction equipment, chemical pipes, oil pipes, LNG pipes, LPG pipes, tank bottoms and insulation projects, etc.
2. Architecture: Refrigeratory, ship-building industry, roof heat-preservation, inside and outside wall heat-preservation, parking lot and insulation of inner layer of chimney, etc.
3. Underground Projects: Subways, underground storerooms and tunnels, etc.
4. Others: Military industries, pumice, air-separator pipes, cold liquid tank bottom insulation, etc.
Technologic Parameter
Density Compressive strength > 0.7Mpa
Thermal conductivity 208k 35 degree C213k-40 degree C 0.048w/mk
Bending strength > 0.7MPa
Moisture absorption Temperature allowed 450 to -200 degree C
Water absorption Linear coefficient of thermal expansion
Cm/cmc 9*10-6
Product Size
1. Blocks:610*457*(30-152) mm
2. Pipe Sections: Sealing caps of equipment and products of special form could be processed according to consumers requirements

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