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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Construction Machinery << Four-Point Crimping Machine

Four-Point Crimping Machine

Four-Point Crimping Machine
Four-Point Crimping Machine:

1) Crimps four corners of windows and unloads windows automatically
2) Special locating and crimping design eliminates defects caused by
fundamentally irregular punching
3) Special adjustable slide block can assure precise movement, making the
performance of this machine stable and reliable
4) High precision digital control system, touch screen operation, data
presetting and automatic positioning of crimping size
5) Servomotor and precise ballscrew assure precision and stability
6) Main electrical parts are imported components
7) Power supply: 380V / 50Hz
8) Air pressure: 0.4 - 0.6MPa
9) Hydraulic system pressure: 16MPa
10) Air consumption: 160L/min
11) Input power: 8k W
12) Max. profile section: 100 x 100mm
13) Min. window size: 400 x 530mm
14) Max. window size: 1,800 x 2,700mm
15) Weight: 2,200kg
16) Overall dimensions: 3,500 x 2,500 x 1,400mm

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