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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Construction Machinery << Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line

Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line

Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line
Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line:

This machine is specially designed for producing insulating glass with
aluminium spacers. It is composed of loading section, washing-drying section,
light inspection section, location and inspection section, assembly section,
unloading preparahon section and automatic tilting&hifting section.

1) This machine can produce not only I. G. of the same size but also I. G. with
different sizes for curtain walls.
2) Automatic PLC control system, colored touch screen operation and
imported electrical parts
3) Frequency conversion speed regulator for stable operation.
4) 3 pairs of brushes, 4 pairs of water pipes, filer and recycling water circuit,
special brush rollers and air knives design assure washing and drying
effectively and quickly for all kinds of glass with different thicknesses
5) Automatic recognition system for Low-E glass
6) Key parts use stainless steel and corrosion resisting materials, which
has outstanding waterproof and antiseptic functions
7) This machine can be upgraded and expanded according to users' requests

Technical parameters:
1) Power voltage: 380V / 50Hz
2) Installed power: 34.01k W
3) Max. washing speed: 8m/min
4) Max. transmission speed: 32m/min
5) Min. glass size: 450 x 450mm
6) Max. glass size: 3,000 x 2,500mm
7) Max. insulating glass thickness: 40mm
8) Thickness of raw glass: 3 - 12mm
9) Different size of big and small glass: 0 - 70mm
10) Overall dimensions: 21,370 x 2,200 x 3,700mm

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