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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Doors and Windows << Airless Spray Pump

Airless Spray Pump

Airless Spray Pump
Airless Spray Pump:

1) Corrosion-proof oriented and industrial spraying machine with compressed
air as its power, it applies to all places with pneumatic rectification or
mechanical rectification power unit
2) Typical application: coating of watercraft, automobile, rail truck, container,
piping, storage tank, bridge and water gate etc large-sized structural members
3) Electric airless spraying machine driven by motor, these units can be used
without compressed air. Suitable for materials include low and medium
viscosity coatings. Typical application: building, furniture, line striping
4) Spreading equipment and two-component spraying equipment LGN-4C.
Spreading machine suitable for spreading never dry liquid sealant with
high viscosity; high viscosity spray unit, airless pressure feed and air
atomization are used in this series
5) Dedicated spraying equipment special unit for zinc-rich coatings. Suitable
materials include inorganic zinc coatings, epoxy-zinc-rich coatings and
most of conventional coatings. Also it can be used for transferring
electrophoresis coatings
6) Corrosion-proof spraying machine, air powered
7) Pressure ratio: 65:1

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