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Electric Wholly-climbing Scaffold

Electric Wholly-climbing Scaffold
Electric Wholly-climbing Scaffold:

Appicable for construction and decoration of high-rise building, it is safe, advanced technically, economically and practically. The technology consists of a bunch of national invention patents such as wedge-caulking self-lock manifold scaffold, prevention of careening of double rail, safety device to prevent the falling, hanging hoist and electronically controlled operation systems, its major technical performance:
The height of climbing scaffold: The height of four standard floors
Height of covered way:1.8-2.0m
Upward or downward step number:5-13 steps
Lifting speed:8-9cm/min.
Leading cable away from the wall:0.3-2.0m.
Working load:270kg/sm.
Interval between bearing frames: Less than 8m.
Vertical missing of rail: Less than 20mm
Embeded horizontal missing: Less than 20mm
Lifting force of the hoist:5-10t
Speed difference of the hoists: Less than 5%
Overall lifting height difference: Less than 5cm
Tensile strength of the the screw rod: More than 100kn
Falling-proof intensity per unit: More than 2-3times the weight of the unit electronically controlled.

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