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Sip Panels

Sip Panels
Sip Panels:

1) A structural insulated panel is a laminated assembly consisting of a
core of rigid insulation (EPS1 or urethane) sandwiched between two
sheets of structural sheathing, such as OSB2 or plywood. The result is a
highly efficient structural and insulating panel, with superior performance
capacities which simply cannot be matched with traditional fiberglass
insulation and stick framing
2) A structural insulated panel, or SIP, is an engineered wood building
material with a reputation for saving labor for the contractor while
providing a comfortable and durable structure to the homeowner. SIP
homes have been shown to be more energy efficient than old-fashioned
stick framing. SIP installation happens faster because panels are cut
and nailed in a factory where weather and equipment restraints are
not a factor

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