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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Fiberglass << Solid Sheet

Solid Sheet

Solid Sheet
Solid Sheet:

1) Lightweight
2) Good light transmission, up to 88%
3) High impact resistance: 250-300 times of ordinary glass
4) Fire retardant: Grade B1 meets the National GB8625-88 tests
5) Temperature resistance: no deformation within the temperature range
of -40 to +120&eg; C
6) UV protection and thermal insulation
7) Fine sound insulation using the best materials recognized worldwide for
sound insulation on expressways
8) Condensation prevention
9) Both sides covered with PE film
1) Thickness: 2-18mm
2) Width: 1,200-2,150mm
3) Length: 20-50m (rolled)
4) Colors: clear, green, blue, smoke, brown, opal
5) For large orders, color and size can be custom-made
1) Applicable for special decorations, corridors and pavilions in gardens
and recreational places
2) Applicable for interior and exterior decorations in commercial buildings
and curtain walls of urban buildings

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