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Aura Blazier Stair Edging

Aura Blazier Stair Edging
Aura Blazier Stair Edging:

The product is suitable for landscape installation at the nose of stairs as anti-slip strap. Alternatively, it could be also used for portrait installation at both sides of the stair and lower wall skirting as wayfinding guidance markers for evacuation purposes.
Product description:
Chemical properties:
(a) substrate:6061 aluminum extrusion alloy;
(b) corrosion and heart resistant;
Physical properties:
(a) surface design: The thickness of both models are 2.4mm c/w corrugated anti-slip lines for anti-slip and anti-scratch purposes;
(b) top surface finishing: Minimum 150 micron primer base coat plus aura photoluminescent paint and coated with one layer of epoxy protective clear.
(c) back surface finishing: Bare.
(d) top surface protection: The finished product is protected by self adhesive tape on the top surface, which could be removed after the installation job is completed
(e) density:2.70 gram/cm 3;
(f) melting range (approx):575~650 degree c;
(g) specific heat:940;
(h) specific gravity:2.7;
(i) temper: T6;
(j) hardness (webster b):11-13
(k) tensile strength (m pa):206
(l) sear strength (m pa) ultimate:152;
(m) elongation (% in 50mm):7.
(a) 20 x 1 meter per carton (20 meters);
(b) carton size:65 x 230 x 1040mm;
(c) gross/net weight:9.5/8.2kg
(a) 20 x 1 meter per carton (20 meters);
(b) size of carton:50 x 60 x 1040 mm;
(c) gross/net weight:8 KG/7kg.
Luminance properties:
The stair-edging was tested by Singapore psb corporation (shanghai branch) in accordance with ASTM e 2072-02 and assessed in accordance to ASTM e 2072-00 and reported as follow:
(a) activation duration:5 mins
(b) activation source: Xenon
(c) activation illumination:1000 lux
(d) temperature/humidity:29 degreec/50% rh
(e) average luminance after 10 mins:521 mcd/m 2 (astm 2702 minimum requirement:25 mcd/m 2)
(f) average luminance after 60 mins:82.4 mcd/m 2 (astm 2702 minimum requirement:3.7 mcd/m 2)

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