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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Fiberglass << Second-hands Turnkey Condom-Dipping Factory

Second-hands Turnkey Condom-Dipping Factory

Second-hands Turnkey Condom-Dipping Factory
Second-hands Turnkey Condom-Dipping Factory:

The plant was manufactured in 1989 and ran only for one year.
Production Line for Condoms
Capacity on 3 working shifts 24hours-day) 27600000 pcs.
Capacity per 1 hour at chain speed 4.8 M/min 3600 pcs.4000 pcs.
Labour requirements production department daily 3 shifts working time.
Production line 2 workers.
With technology suitable for the production of colored or natural colour.
Prophylactics of natural latex according to British and American standards, with a maximal length of 195 mm with reservoir and diameter of 34mm
Weight:190 grams per gross =1.40gram each.
Technical data:
Length approx 34,000 mm
Width approx 2.000 mm
Height approx 3,500mm
Continuously variable chain speed from 3.0 to 6.0 M/min
Numbers of formers approx 850 pcs
Electro line 18 KW
Heating steam consumption 460kg/h
Voltage 380V,50 Hz
Pressure 6 bars
Condensed air 6 bars
Cooling water 2m/3/h
Water soft 2m/3/h
Steam generator light diesel oil 32l/h
Factory Room:42 x 10 x 4 M
Lab and standard room:5 x 5 x 2,5 M
Mix:7 x 5 x 4 M
Stations on the production line:
1. Soaking, washing and draining section
2. Drying of the formers
3. Polishing
4. Dipping zone 1 with the dripping section
5. Drying zone 1
6. Dipping zone 2 with the dripping section
7. Drying zone 2
8. Beading
9. Vulcanizing
10. Stripping
11. Cleaning (preliminary)

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