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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Insulation Materials and Elements << Glazed Gress Porcelain Floor Tile

Glazed Gress Porcelain Floor Tile

Glazed Gress Porcelain Floor Tile
Glazed Gress Porcelain Floor Tile:

Glazed porcelain stoneware tiles are all-purpose decoration material with excellent technical characteristics:
Water absorption less than 0.5%;
Frost resistant;
Wide application possibilities: Both for interior and exterior;
Ecologically clean product.
Apart from the above mentioned qualities, glazed porcelain stoneware tiles, compared to unglazed stoneware tiles, have additional advantages:
Do no absorb dirt, grease, oil products and other substances;
Resistant to environmental impacts, air pollution, acids, plant dust, suited for use in any climate conditions;
Do not fade from the light, the colour stays unchanged;
Easy to clean;
Require minimum care, no need to impregnate additionally;
Open up unlimited possibilities for decorating;
Feature great variety of colours, drawings and patterns.
All these qualities and advantages allow using glazed porcelain stoneware tiles both for interior and exterior with unlimited decoration possibilities. They can be used at home and in business premises(banks, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres), in ventilated facades that become more and more popular, swimming pools, balconies, etc.
Recommended by: Architects, professional interior designers, constructors.

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