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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Slate, Sandstone and Limestone << Mobility Concrete Boom Pump

Mobility Concrete Boom Pump

Mobility Concrete Boom Pump
Mobility Concrete Boom Pump:

1) Main components of the boom pump are imported from the world's leading
brand 'JUNJIN' enabling excellent reliability.
2) Support system and limb structure made of high quality steel imported from
Sweden's top steel manufacturer 'SAAB'.
3) Boom control system supplied by Germany's top brand 'HAWE', a global
producer famous for electronic control systems, making it easy and steady
for operators to control the boom during operation. In addition, every
Jarlway limb structure has a special hydraulic valve also supplied by 'HAWE'.
This special valve maintains the stability of the boom, enhancing the high
safety of our products.
4) Joining limbs of the boom pump equipped with hydraulic valves (made by
HAWE) to maintain safety and reliability of the whole boom pump.
5) Every Jarlway boom pump has a remote control system to increase
operational effectiveness.

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