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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Stone and Marble << Gamia Wood Staircase

Gamia Wood Staircase

Gamia Wood Staircase
Gamia Wood Staircase:

The design of the Gamia Wood was made by keeping into consideration The installation problems; the results is a spiral stair of different Diameters, with railings always according to code and with a rise Adjustement system which assures a climb of every height in any Project. Thanks to the above system and to the pratical instructions For the assembly, the installation is a snap.
The basic model includes 11 or 12 steps. A universal landing is
Included in the box.
The distinctive feature of the Gamia Wood is surely the design of its Railings. Vertical spindles connected with the helicoidal handrail Assure an absolute structural rigidity. The use of wood treads allows This model to blend well in any room, giving warmth and simple Elegance.
Diameters = 120 cm - 140 cm - 160 cm.
Steps =of solid beech wood, thickness 38 mm (11/2"); step angle 30
Round or triangular landing angle 60 square landing angle 90 for
Round or square opening
Risers = standard min.210 mm. (8 1/4") - max 230 mm. (9") (for risers
200 210 mm. (7 7/8" 8 1/4"); 230?240 mm. (9" 9 1/2"); it is
Possible to cut the balusters during the assembly
Railing = with metal steel tubing balusters 22 mm. (7/8")(clear space
Among the balusters (handrail height = 1000 mm,39 3/8")
Finishes and colours = wood: Polished with water varnish (Natural 12);
Metal: Durable powder coat (embossed black); plastic components,
Rubber matting and screws: Black
For the spiral staircases Gamia Wood the minimum ideal opening should
Be 5 cm larger than the diameter of the staircase.

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