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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Stone and Marble << Wooden Security Door

Wooden Security Door

Wooden Security Door
Wooden Security Door:

1) Application standard: GB14101 (wood fire door - general technical
2) Fire-resistance grade: 1.2h, 0.9h, 0.6h
3) Door thickness: 50mm, 45mm
4) Door type: flush door, decorative door, glass decorated door, glass
window door
5) Door frame dimensions: 105 x 55cm, 90 x 50cm
6) Dimensions: complies with GB5824-86 standard; special requirements
7) Door frame: superior fireproof-treated Chinese lauan wood (the door
pocket can be made decorated)
8) Hardware and accessories: fireproof lock, pipe well lock, fireproof hinge,
door closer, bolt, smoke-proof bar, fireproof glass, etc.
9) Application range: suitable for various high buildings, hotels, hospitals,
industrial plants and business centers

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