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Agrega Factory

Agrega Factory
Agrega Factory:

Agrega (micir) factory technoloji
Rocks thats taken out of the stone quarry will be broken by jaw crushers and sift out and seperated to different sizes.
Angera being used at making asphalt, concrete material, briquet, curb, tile
Stone quarry
To get a qualified angera fist condition is to have a qualified stone quarry. Stone must be strong to get the fist qaulity angeras...
Necessary materilas
Air compressor. And gun
Wagon drill
Broker beko loder
Loader loder/beko
Material lines
Dynamite for breking stones - amonyum nitrat
Dump tracks
Material silo
1000 kwa transformer
The stones will be middle sized which is broken with air compressor or with dynamite. There will be 1000 or 200 ton stone broken.
The stones which 50-100 cm sized will be placed at silo. They will come to first crushing by vabration. Will be sieved to reduce the dusts.
The remainin stones will be sent to second crushing and separeted to 3-4 different sizes and sent to stock area.

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