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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Stone and Marble << Ordinary Portland Cement 42.5, 32.5

Ordinary Portland Cement 42.5, 32.5

Ordinary Portland Cement 42.5, 32.5
Ordinary Portland Cement 42.5, 32.5:

We are in position to offer you OPC Cement grade 42.5 in large quantities.
Product Origin is either Ukraine/Russia/China
CIF basis only. Payments by Bank Guarantee, FFDLC, ARDLC
Please note that in all cases we require LOI to complete the contract details.
Silicon Dioxide S102 20,49%
Aluminum Trioxide AL203 4,66%
Ferric Oxide FE202 3,85%
Calcium Oxide CAO 63,45%
Magnesium Oxide MGO 1,79%
Sulphate SO3 2,13%
Potassium Oxide K2O 0,17%
Sodium Oxide Na 2O 0,25%
Chloride CI 0,050%
Insoluble Residue IR 0,42%
Loss on Ignition LOI 3,11%
Trcalcium Silicate C3S 59,58%
Dicalcium Silicate C2S 13,81%
Tricalcium Alumintes C2A 5,83%
Tetracalcium Aluminoferrate C2AF 11,70%
Alkalis Equivalent, AE 0,36%
Setting Time-Test Method EN196; Part 2 Initial Time 190
Setting Time-Test Method EN196; Part 2 Final Time 4,05
Soundness-Test Method EN 196; Part 3 Expansion 0,00
Compressive Strength-Test Method EN196; Part 2 3 days 22,80
Fitness By Blaine cm/g 3220
Standard Consistency 27
Please contact us advising your quantity and Target Price to proceed.

If this offer has interested you, please, fill the form of inquiry and you receive the answer in ASAP.

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