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Construction and Real Estate Business Directory << Timber and Plank << Air Cooled Chiller (Heat Pump)

Air Cooled Chiller (Heat Pump)

Air Cooled Chiller (Heat Pump)
Air Cooled Chiller (Heat Pump):

1) Models: LSQ10R1 LSQ13R1 LSQ15R1
2) Power supply: 10R1 220-240V1/ 50Hz or 60Hz, 13R1 15R1 380V/3/50Hz
or 60Hz
3) Refrigerant: R22, R407
4) Cooling and heating
5) Cooling only or heating only
6) Scroll compressor
7) Plate type heat exchanger
8) Built-in A/C water pump
9) Built-in expansion tank, auto supplementary valve, safety valve
10) LCD display
11) High and low pressure protection
12) Anti-freeze protection
13) Optional auxiliary electric heater
14) Small compact design make all the models suitable for villas, hotels, and
high grade apartments

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